What’s so special about the Mini hotels in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the same as Singapore and is also one of the most expensive cities in Asia. But when this comes to lodging, it seems to have a lot more affordable hotel options than Singapore. At least, it was the case when we were searching for one. If you go to websites online searching for the list of Hong Kong hotels and hotels with the lowest cost price, you’ll find several listings in the USD 30 per night price range.

You’ll be fortunate enough to find any like that in Singapore. We have many options in Hong Kong, but Mini hotel in causeway bay stood out. It is affordable and centrally located, but it’s also one of the most stylish boutique hotels we’ve ever stayed at. Cheap + elegant = worth of our money.

HK hotel

Noteworthy things to be noticed in these mini-hotels:

  • The Mini Hotel in Causeway Bay lobby isn’t on the ground floor, so you’ll need to take the lift down to the basement to check-in.
  • Tiny but shimmering and clean rooms are noteworthy. The rooms in this hotel are small, but this is pretty much what you can expect from a Mini Hotels Hong Kong. One can even find a kettle on that rack to the left and a safe underneath the bed.
  • Despite being small, the room pretty much has everything one needs.

Mini Hotel Hong Kong has been liked so much by its guests that one wouldn’t think of staying anywhere else in Hong Kong. They have two branches in the city, one here at Causeway Bay and another in the Central district.