What is Hong Kong Metropolitan University

The only self-financing institution created by the Hong Kong government is Hong Kong Metropolitan Universities (HKMU), originally the National Open University of Hong Kong. It began as a remote learning institution in 1989, specializing in the part-time study for persons without prior credentials. Complete graduate programs, Masters and Ph.D. programs, as well as a bigger face-to-face offering, have been introduced throughout time. It changed its name to HKMU in September 2021 to better represent the school and its scope of offerings. HKMU has licensed OU modules as well as courses since 1994, altering and translating those to meet local award criteria. The licensed OU material provides the capability and reaches HKMU. It includes topics like arithmetic, English, businessHong Kong Metropolitan University architecture, and sports and fitness. The OU will continue to collaborate with HKMU to grow this mutually beneficial arrangement.

Apprenticeships at the Open University include:

Apprentices may study at their speed and in their location with online and blended learning, which reduces interruption for personnel and the business and increases the likelihood of learners succeeding.

Apprentices benefit from in-person assistance in addition to online and also in learning. Academic tutors provide regular tutorials, while practice coaches assist apprentices in the workplace.

Accessible – Our apprenticeships are designed to be inclusive by design. This allows you to recruit and promote employees independent of their experience, psychology degree broadening participation and extending your talent pool.

Its available web learning and a countrywide network of instructors make us like a local university, no matter where they are in the UK. Integrated – Our apprenticeships combine knowledge and practical skills to provide integrated learning that helps business companies right away.

Relevant – Our outstanding connections with companies enable us to co-create apprenticeship programs that satisfy company objectives as well as the Apprenticeship Standard’s standards.